Who are Geeky Blinders?

Nick and Rob Robinson. Brothers. Artists. Geeks.

Nick is the oldest of 3 brothers, a passionate artist influenced by growing up with Thundercats and TMNT before Star Wars and Blade Ruuner took over. Now trying to pass/force those passions on to his 2 daughters. After 15 years working at almost every level in hospitality he realised he could get paid to do what he loves

Rob is the youngest of the 3, growing up in a different generation but influenced by many of the same things; cartoons, comics and Tarantino films. After joining the Royal Navy at 18 and serving 12 years he left to develop Geeky Blinders into the business you see

This Business is more to us than a job. We left steady paying careers to take a leap and try and do something that we not only love but build something we could be proud of. Our first major order we had to borrow money from family and work out of our Nans basement. We’ve put everything we had into it and so far it has paid off. That’s how we approach every order, every customer and every commission. Because we love what we do and we are Geeky Blinders.


You may have seen our work already and not even realised it. You may be here because you’ve seen our work and want some for yourself, either way we’ve picked a few examples to showcase some famous faces we’ve collaborated with. It all started with one of our all time heroes, Tom Segura. We made him a pair of personalised kicks that he like so much he asked if we could make a limited run to sell on his official site. They sold out in days and we met Tom backstage in London, still one of the best moments of our lives! in 2020 we released not one but two limited edition runs of AF1s with SAS Who Dares Wins star Ant Middleton, both of which have sold out. We will have a new design coming soon though! We have also created limited edition Doc Martens with Keith Lemon which are still available here.